Who We Are


MC&Co. is a collaboration of globally experienced consultants with extensive experience in brand, product development, merchandise architecture, and marketing within the home lifestyle consumer goods sector. With a proven, unique and industry-leading approach we help businesses in manufacturing, wholesale, and retail channels to create clear product goals that reflect their brand values ensuring profitable product and marketing strategies.

Working from Byron Bay in Australia, our collaborations stretch both domestically and globally.

What We Do


Businesses can become lost and confused in aligning product to brand, marketing, target audiences, and new trends.

We collaborate with you to create an innovative strategy that is reflected in all elements of your organisation including your brand, products, marketing, and sales approach.

At MC&Co., we know that when all these factors align, magic happens. Fantastic results do happen. But you need an independent eye, a detached point of view, to envision and conjure these results. And that is what we do.

How We Do It


We use the MC&Co. “P Process” to help you assess your business from a new perspective.

This process, when matched with our “Trend Wheel” process ensures you have the best products for your customer.  Our project management system ensures on time, on budget implementation of an aligned experience.

Why We Do It


We are passionate about our mission to help businesses return to Commercial Entrepreneurship in all areas but most importantly, with product. Because – PRODUCT IS KING.



Want to see some success stories? Find out how we have helped bring success to a range of global clients.


We make sense of trend. Enjoy a preview of our home lifestyle trend intelligence.


Consulting programmes, retainer packages, workshops and more. Backed by world-renowned knowledge and market-leading processes.


Introducing MC&Co.

We give our passion for business success to you. We collaborate with you to bring innovation of brand and product development, and a marketing plan which will grow your business and give you a significant ROI.

Our Key People

Meet our team of creative, collaborative professionals.

Michael Cleghorn
Michael Cleghorn
Michael is the MC in MC&Co. He has over 30 years of experience in retail manufacturing and wholesale environments, in multiple Senior Executive...
Steven Worthy
Steven Worthy
Steve is MC&Co’s Creative Director. He manages all the all the interpretations of the Product Development for everything MC&Co do. He is...
Guyon Collins
Guyon Collins
Guyon is our Go-to-Market and Sales professional who works with our global clients to ensure the MC&Co. product developments are released and...
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Our product developments have been seen in these world-class retailers.

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The Opinion

Our team has an incredible number of years of experience in marketing, branding, product development, and more. We feel our opinion counts, our opinion carries weight and our opinion matters. And this is why we’re sharing our opinion with you.

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