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Are Whiskers on Kittens Commercially Viable and Profitable?

Trend reports and trend forecasts are a significant  part of the work we do at MC&Co. A large part of our exploration is to research and investigate the trends that are being reported in the global market. We look at how other trend experts around the world curate and present trend and we talk with many buyers and merchandise managers about their processes and structures around trend identification. 

What we invariably discover is:

  1. Most trend presentations only focus on emerging trends. This does not necessarily make them commercially viable or profitable.2.
  2. Many buyers unintentionally default to their own personal style filter. This filter is developed over the years by their personal influences, background, experiences and design their eye is drawn to. They end up unintentionally becoming a little bit like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music singing loudly and with unqualified authority. “These are a few of my favourite things”. She may love whiskers on kittens and raindrops on roses…. But are they profitable? Will your tribe want to buy them from you?

Trend forecasters tend to focus primarily on emerging trends. This is, after all where the biggest impact lies. There is a huge commercial risk in only looking at what is new and emerging. 

How do we do it?

MC&Co review up to 20,000 images each season to determine the relevant trend movement and importance. Also, we assess home and lifestyle trends including furniture trends and homeware trends using a tried and tested process that identifies and qualifies more than just “what’s new”. 

We delve into:

  • Emerging Trends
  • Evolving Trends
  • Declining Trends
  • Enduring Trends

The key to creating sustainable product assortments based around trend, is to create a balance between which products inspire freshness and which products maintain effective merchandise KPI’s. It is not always about the new. 

It’s also understandable that buyers and merchandise professionals often default to a personal filter. There simply is not enough time to assess and quantify the huge number of styles and tastes in the market today. One of the most exciting times we experience at MC&Co is when we see the “lights come on” with a merchandise team as they experience the MC&Co Trend Intelligence process. Once they understand they can apply a proven, data driven formula to their strategic trend selection, they tend to be thrilled about how simple the process can be. 

It is through this proven process that businesses understand their band position the key trend areas of:

Trend Aspirational Segmentation 

Trend Style Filters 

Trend Commercial Qualifiers 

Our seasonal trend reporting and trend intelligence workshops are well known in the industry and a great source of inspiration (and potential profit) for home and lifestyle brands. 

Here is what our clients say about our Furniture Trend and Homewares Trend Report and Forecast Process in their own words. 

MC&Co’s robust process of identifying and interpreting global design trends is second to none. Both the level of detail in and commercial application of their process is profit focussed within a market leadership positioning. Love their work.

Danni Hosking Haley. Head of Design 2019 Homeware, Country Road

If you need help with the strategic trend selection for your business or if you would like to find out more about the MC&Co Trend Intelligence process, please contact me at

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Michael Cleghorn 

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“Michael is a wonderfully inspiring international brand and product development "guru" when it comes to working within the homewares, furniture, and lighting arenas..”

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“MC&Co's robust process of identifying and interpreting global trend is second to none. The level of detail in and commercial application of their process is profit focus and relevant from a market leading position. love their work..”

Danni Hosking Haley-Head of Homeware

Country Road

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