BZYOO – worldwide innovators, designers & manufacturers

January 12, 2018

Bzyoo are manufacturers of tabletop and kitchenware for an international marketplace, creating beauty in everyday products and they are certainly delivering this. The company behind Bzyoo have been in business successfully for over thirty years with connections in globally. Three years ago they approached MC&Co to help bring a new brand a new product to the world, and so Bzyoo was born.

The company was already producing high-quality products when we met, exporting to distributors and retail outlets around the world. What they wanted from us was a vibrant brand, a global showcase of tabletop and kitchen wares. They wanted ‘active life products’, and they wanted to integrate and focus on their bank of factories, so the products were produced with efficiency and strategic power. It was a wide open brief. And while some people might be intimidated by something so open to interpretation, to us it was a challenge we grabbed with both hands.

The team at MC&Co created the brand Bzyoo from scratch. We did a full brand development, product development, and marketing strategy and implemented it all.

We produced:
– Over 600 Products
– Catalogues
– Social Media (@bzyoo)
– Website (
– Trade Fairs
– And more…

We became brand ambassadors for Bzyoo, attending key retailer meetings, managing all global sales enquiries and distributor relationships and more. MC&Co. became an integral part of their team, which is still ongoing to this day. We work with their teams to build their skills and abilities, helping this powerful Asian brand understand the western market.

What Bzyoo has now is a global brand, products selling in 5 continents. This brand has a focus on ‘everyday beauty’, which means simple designs but bold statements. We created Bzyoo to stand out, disrupt what you would normally expect from casual tableware. We took the notion of ‘active life products’ and made them stand out in the marketplace, make them unforgettable.

We collaborated with artists from all over the world to produce shapes and colours and designs which will endure the test of time and become centrepieces in their own right. People desire these products.

In the background to all of this, we researched different markets around the world and the different qualities of the customers. We then brought this information back and streamlined the manufacturing process, so each factory produced products to their strengths. It was an amazing saving in production costs, which translated to the bottom line for our client.

And what did all this achieve? Growth in business in 5 continents, growth in sales in just eighteen months. Plus significant retailer engagement and commitment. And this is still growing today.

MC&Co put their tried and tested methods to work with a global manufacturing company, and great things happened. Sales and profit and business growth, naturally, but also their brand profile and global footprint in people’s imagination grew. And that is one of those successes we pride ourselves on.

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