European Contemporary – A Classic, Enduring Trend Which Always Sells.

February 5, 2018

There are classics in all walks of life. Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, a Ferrari 250 GTO, and the Mona Lisa. All are timeless classics, and it does not matter how much time has passed since they were created, people still want them, still admire them, and will still buy them. And so too, the European Contemporary style is, in our opinion, a timeless classic, what we call an Enduring Trend, something which will always have customers spending money.

When we say it has a classic style we don’t mean it is traditional. You won’t be seeing pieces of furniture made famous in opulent French mansions. We mean it is less fussy in shape. This style has clean lines, it is very easy upon the eye. It is a minimalistic in design which allows the style to fit into any room in the home.

From a design point of view, the European Contemporary style has intriguing textures, and what we would call ‘considered proportions’. By this we mean each piece is designed consciously. Where some styles can feel like they fit a colour scheme or a template as a whole, through just being the right colour or shape, the European Contemporary style is designed with thought and patience. The materials used are chosen for just the right effect, the right feel to them for where they will sit inside a customer’s home.

The shapes and look of this style is what we would call masculine in nature, but also sensitive. It is not designed with men in mind. No, the style is strong, bold shapes, rectangles and cubes, sharp corners and straight lines. Imagine to yourself a classic male figure, the chiselled jaw, the triangular look of the chest to the waistline. Great on the eye, don’t you think?
This style is also mature in nature. Again, we don’t mean it is purely for those of the older generation with salt and pepper hair. We mean that this style lingers longer on the eye. You take your time admiring the style, the colours are subtle, more monochrome, less flashy and bright upon the eye.

And being contemporary, this style can fit with changes. The essence of this style remains, but subtle changes for a more modern setting or feel can still be reflected in the products being presented on showroom floors.

This makes this an Evergreen Style in our trend matrix. It evolves slowly over time. It is not a style which appears on the scene all of a sudden, sticks around for a season or two and then makes way for the next big thing. European Contemporary stays the course, is adaptable to colour and shape changes, but slowly.

For brands who have a corresponding consumer profile, this style is a very good money earner. Our research has shown that this style has a higher price point than other styles. With it minimalist aesthetic, accessorising is less. This reinforces that sense of Mature Sensitivity, giving it a feeling of elite, of luxury. The consumers who love this style are willing to spend well to have it.

Unsure on your consumer profiles? Or are you looking at shifting your production over to evergreen styles and trends which have a long shelf life? At MC&Co he guide you on how to select a style and trend to suit your business model and your consumer profiles. We help with product development and sales development to grow your business, and a whole lot more.

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