How to Maximise Home Lifestyle Trend in Today’s Competitive Market

January 12, 2018

Your businesses needs to have the latest and greatest products. You also need to have the next big thing ready to go for your customers when they discover it and come to you to buy it. But how do you know what is on trend now, and what will be coming into trend in the next season?

There are so many trends out there. Memphis or New Memphis, Artisan, Silver Fox, Hollywood Brights. Believe me, there are so many more. How you tell what is a masculine or a feminine trend? How would you know if a style is high-energy or a more relaxed, sedate energy? And the big question is- can you tell which styles will be best for your business commercially? Which trends will make your business the most money?

It is no good investing in a trend if it is only going to last for a season before the next emerging trend arrives. If you have invested a lot of money to stock up in a trend which is not tested, and you’re left with too much inventory, then this equates to an inefficient ROI.

So what do you do? Or, what do we do?

The solution is the MC&Co Trend Test.

We have developed a proven process to discover what trends are on the rise, which ones suit your brand and your customer. We discover where, and by whom, this trend is being driven. Is it a designer? Is it traditional media or social media? Is a trend emerging in a certain part of the world, and will that then move to other parts of the world. We also work with our clients to adapt global trends to reflect geographical nuances such and colour and pattern.

Our team recommends the current price profile of the products in this trend- are the prices High value high margin, low volume or low value, or high volume, mixed margin. And we determine where a particular trend is positioned to maximise potential market acceptance and sales.

This data is then plotted into the MC&Co Trend Wheel to see where this trend is positioned within key consumer alignments. This is very important for our clients, assisting them with the decisions on if they should invest in a particular trend or not.

For businesses, the consumer quantifiers  to consider are:


  • Classic Style, which is not traditional but endures longer in product lifecycle. Think Armani.
  • Romantic Style, which is not ‘pretty’ but has greater layers of pattern and accessorisation eg Versace


  • Masculine, full of stronger forms and high drama, not a style targeted at men.
  • Feminine, a more fluid, organic and cocooning style.


  • Mature, functional, an attitude of sophistication
  • Youthful and playful, an approach of high energy and activity


  • D.E.M. – Emerging/Declining/Evolving/Marrying
  • Existing
  • Enduring


  • Price
  • Volume
  • Margin

When we work with you, you get detailed information on Style, Sensitivity, Attitude and Cycle of trend. This allows you to make the best choice when buying stock or developing product, which product lines would best fit your product portfolio. You will get the best return on your investment, with our help.

What are driving consumers to buy? By categorising trends and matching this to a client’s customer attributes, we can successfully predict and qualify the best way for you to choose a trend and through this create commercial leadership.

If this intrigues you and you want to know more, let’s continue the conversation. Email us at, or call our Byron Bay office on +61 2 6687 0799, and we can talk trends, marketing and success.