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Meet Michael Cleghorn

Michael Cleghorn is the ‘MC’ in MC&Co.

For those of you not familiar with Michael’s story, he’s enjoyed over 20 years in the design and interior fashion industry, including executive roles with several iconic retail and merchandising brands. Gaining world-class experience and expertise, he shares his deep knowledge with a wide range of clients across the globe.

After living in Sydney for 30 years, Michael made the decision to enjoy the more relaxed lifestyle and pace offered by Byron Bay in 2014. The perfect environment for artistic and creative pursuits, Michael and his team have flourished in this environment, with technology and regular visits to (Asia/US/Europe) connecting him with leading retailers, manufacturers and style influencers.

The spirit of collaboration is an integral part of the way MC&Co. engages with clients. Michael’s move from the city helped develop a culture within his business of inclusivity, collaboration, and a focus on each member of the MC&Co. team. With a focus on achieving personal and business goals, each team member understands what is needed for the business, and are given the room and flexibility to achieve great outcomes through their own unique approach.

By bringing product and marketing strategies to the table, Michael and his team unpack the intangible feeling of style and fashion, what is trending up, or out, and apply a methodology that enables clients to understand and pursue commercial opportunities consistent with the markets they wish to serve. This powerful blend of experience, insight and core customer data are used to determine which emerging trends are best suited for further product development.

Valued for a leading-edge approach to furniture and home lifestyle trends worldwide, Michael and his team work globally with leading retailers, manufacturers and style influencers. His commercial product leadership and ability to illustrate interior lifestyle trends and fashion, enables clients to foresee the long-term advantages of trends, versus shorter-term moments of style.

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“Michael is a wonderfully inspiring international brand and product development "guru" when it comes to working within the homewares, furniture, and lighting arenas..”

Linda Simpson

Imagination Network

“Michael has highly developed skills in product development, which he manages through a series of meticulous processes ensuring product adaptation and alignment with target market as well as disciplined compliance with range assortment plans..”

Iain Campbell – Former Managing Director

Strandbags Group

“MC&Co's robust process of identifying and interpreting global trend is second to none. The level of detail in and commercial application of their process is profit focus and relevant from a market leading position. love their work..”

Danni Hosking Haley-Head of Homeware

Country Road

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