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MC&Co. offer you a powerful suite of consulting services, all designed for business growth and global leadership in brand and product development. 

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Although Home Lifestyle is our specialty, our talent and knowledge and skills can be applied to many different product and service businesses. Our processes are unique and proven to work. Have a conversation with us and let’s see if we can help you.

Click on the TREND tab at the top of our website. There you can watch some video teasers of the various trends we report on. If you’d like to know more, call us. We can talk to you about our trend reporting and forecasting in full.

Talk to us! We can show you what we do and then together we can create a package for a single project, or a retainer program to fit your business needs.

A consulting plan will last for as long as needed to give you the best outcome. But we will never fatten a plan just to waste time. MC&Co. has both fast track and slow burn options for your business. Work with us to create a timeline that you are happy with.

We travel to you and run workshops and key client meetings. Our team uses the latest in cloud technologies and online communication tools to ensure easy, seamless conversation.

No problem! Call us or email us. Whatever works for you.

The Opinion

Our team has an incredible number of years of experience in marketing, branding, product development, and more. We feel our opinion counts, our opinion carries weight and our opinion matters. And this is why we’re sharing our opinion with you.

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