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Trend Intelligence

We are often asked by our home and lifestyle clients how can they know which trend will be the most commercially viable today and tomorrow? They want to know how to use trend to establish and maintain authentically differentiated products.

There are 3 parts to our Trend Intelligence: The Trend Wheel Wheel, The Emotional Drivers and The Trend Lifecycle

1. The MC&Co Trend Wheel

The MC&Co. “Trend Wheel”, helps you balance product leadership whilst maintaining your brands’ core product values.

A representation of the MC&Co Trend Wheel

By applying our MC&Co Trend Wheel, we collaborate to understand which trends best suit your business, and which best serve your customers.

2. The MC&Co Trend Lifecycle

Home and lifestyle trends come and go. Some endure over time. Others are emerging or declining.

By understanding your consumer insights, we are able to help you determine how your product assortment needs to be committed to a trend. We hold your hand to help you make strategic trend decisions. 

A representation of the Trend Bell-Curve

3. The Aspirational Segmentations of Trend

Separate to age and life-stage, consumers are driven by emotions/aspirations that reflect the way they wish to decorate their homes. Our process around these Aspirational Segmentations helps qualify where your brand and customer sits in this spectrum.

A representation of the 6 faces of the Aspirational Segmentations

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Our Services

From consultancy to workshops, we provide a range of services to help home and lifestyle brands deliver authentic, commercially differentiated products.

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