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Discover how MC&Co can help upskill and streamline your product teams and teach them to interpret and strategically select global home and lifestyle trends.

Interpreting Trend Information for Home and Lifestyle Brands

Instagram, Pinterest and the modern media have led to an explosion of trend information. Product and Merchandise teams are often overwhelmed by conflicting trend information. Which one is right for your brand? A prudent trend decision gives your brand the opportunity to confidently own it and deliver an aligned product assortment and experience. 

Give your team the best chance of making qualified entrepreneurial opportunities with one of our tailored trend workshops. Our proven and systematic approach has worked for iconic global brands and can be tailored to work for you. 

Trend Intelligence Workshop

Meet our trend wheel.  This is the cornerstone of our Trend Intelligence Workshop. This workshop will grow your team’s knowledge and confidence in the world of style and trends for interior designs. 

Our 1 day Trend Intelligence Workshop for Home and Lifestyle brands will delve into social and graphic trends. 

During this workshop we explore:

  • What key global influences affect trends in the market and how
  • The 28+ specific trends to be aware of in the marketplace
  • Which trends are best for you, your brand and your client base

We focus on geographical variances in colour and influences. We explore the concepts of volume and potential profit for your business.

By the end of the day, you will have a clear direction on how to create new or adapt existing products into trend-based collections which will drive your business forward and deliver profits.  

Make your brand an industry leader on a global stage by booking a Trend Intelligence Workshop here

Product Development and Assortment Planning Workshop

Developing the right products at the right time is one of the most exciting, but also challenging aspects of most home and lifestyle businesses. The weighing up of investment versus potential return. How quickly can you get from inception to production to marketplace? What will the price point be? How will future factors affect the pricing curve?

Our experience in Asian manufacturing along with our own consumer product development experience provides invaluable insights to product development and assortment planning. 

In our 2 day tailored workshop for your team, get personalised training 

  • Help you manage historical success with future success.
  • Map data against competitive positioning.
  • Help you define and deliver market leadership 
  • Help you balance financial parameters so you will have product success.

Book a workshop for your team here

Our Services

From consultancy to workshops, we provide a range of services to help home and lifestyle brands deliver authentic, commercially differentiated products.

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