The 5 Key Influences Driving Global Design Trends

January 12, 2018

Trends are what drive consumer choice around the world. Some people like to go with the trends, others like to buck the trend and stand out from the crowd.  You see trends in many things, in many places. Trends in fashion; the trend of HDTV with all manner of online and Wi-Fi connectivity; the trend of SUVs in urban areas and reverse cameras. And of course the interior and exterior design trends we all see on popular TV shows.

Your potential customers will have seen styles and trends on TV shows and in magazines and will want to emulate that in their own homes. They want to make their own choices within a selection of styles they feel reflect their personality. While they want to make their own choice, research has shown that they are actually quite uncertain about what they really want. They look to you, the retailer, to help guide them to make a choice, to make a statement. They want your help to feel comfortable in making an optimistic choice.

These customers are great people to meet. They are enthusiastic and take an interest in spending money on their home. They want to brighten their lives and are looking to you to help them to fulfil their dreams of what ‘HOME’ can be like. If you’re interpreting the latest trends commercially, then you will have the happiest customers ever, great advocates for your brand everywhere.

When it comes to Interior lifestyle trends, we believe there are 32 key global trends which are relevant in today’s market. Above these there are 5 conceptual elements which influence and are reflected in each of the 32 global trends, and how these trends are evolving.

The 5 Conceptual Elements are:

Nostalgia-            “Finding comfort in the past”

With elements of the 20th Century, Nostalgic elements include strong blocks of colour in a trend we call “Hollywood Brights”.

There is an extremely popular trend of “Mid-Century Mod” which include elements of functionality, uncluttered and minimal organisation.

A third trend in the Nostalgic concept is “Memphis”. This trend originated in the 19080’s and is having a resurgence. Bold colours, cartoonish shapes and patterns which leap out at you, are at the heart of this movement.

Opulence            “The renewed interest in Luxury and prestige”

Grand spaces and elegant intentions are what this concept is all about, a look back at times past when bigger was better.

“Emerald City” is a trend which falls under Opulence. Rich green colours, luxurious materials and decorative patterns define this style.

“The Club” is another trend, which is built from symmetry, in pattern and layout, with Deco motifs and gold highlights.

“Parisian Angel” is a softer, more feminine trend. This is invoking a romantic ideal, with soft pastel colours and a feeling of comfort and intimacy.

Grounded           “A desire to reconnect to spiritual values and unplug from the digital world”

One of the most influential concepts in design trends today. It is aspiring to be authentic and real.

Trends influenced by a Grounded concept include

– Boho, a mixture of different cultures and designs, but with an earthy feel to it.

– Tribal, with African prints and decorative add-ons, such as drums, or spears and shields.

– Modern Industrial, influenced by factory spaces, hard metal surfaces, paired back lighting and so forth

Escape                  “The fantasy of bringing your vacation home.”

“I want to live my vacation every day”. This is the driving force behind the Escape concept.

It is expressed with seaside trends in decor.

It is also expressed in decor from where people have travelled over the world, Pacific themes, or Middle Eastern themes.

It has a very high commercial value.

Playful                  “A focus on frivolity over substance. A rebellion against seriousness in design”

This is a concept where you want to enjoy your time in a space, and interact with the space with games or other engaging elements

It can include elements including toys and games as part of the design.

It will also include entertainment elements for interaction with friends.

Bright colours, and a sense of happiness flows from Playful designs.

These concepts can drive your business choices. Understanding what the up and coming trends are, what your consumers are buying into, and how the products being delivered can help grow your business, is vitally important to sustained growth and profitability.

If it all seems a little bit too much, that’s where we come in. We understand the current and emerging trends in the design world. We actively research the market, the world scene, what products are being produced, and where, and how these new products and design can best serve your business. We also take time to understand you, and what would work best with your space, your goals, and your clients.

Want to know more? Let’s continue the conversation.