The Highlights of our 2020-2021 Trend Opinion Presentation in Melbourne

April 10, 2019

In this article, we talk about the highlights of our recent 2020-2021 Trend Opinion presentations that were held in both Melbourne and Sydney. Discover how to determine which of the 24 trends we identified might be right for your brand.

It is our mission to help retailers deliver brand authentic, commercially differentiated products. Based on our many years of experience, we know that when you differentiate and connect product to the heart of your brand and your customers, then sales will increase.

The challenge our home and lifestyle brand clients often face is complex. They want to create brand authenticity. They want commercial differentiation in a sea-of-sameness. They are dealing with a fast moving environment where they are challenged by disruptors. They want sustainable profit and a growing sales base. They are faced with customers who have changing attitudes to value and where and how they shop.

Their buying teams are time poor and are surrounded by conflicting trend information. In these days of Instagram and Pinterest, there has been an explosion of trend. Buyers and merchandise teams are attempting to interpret this trend explosion. They are trying to determine which trend is relevant to their organisation.

It can be easy to get stuck in historical data and to focus on what has worked in the past. What is often missing is a scientific approach and forward looking analysis. This approach gives your team confidence and entrepreneurial skills. Only then can they take a calculated position that is likely to pay off with greater sales and profit. When approached in this way, the process of assortment planning should consider Brand/Consumer relevant leading trends coupled with historically successful products to reduce your risk profile. The result is a brand authentic, commercially differentiated product offer.

In late March the team from MC&Co visited Melbourne to present to key iconic retailers our 2020-2021 Trend Opinion.

The MC&Co Trend Opinion

This report is the result of over 600 man hours. This research includes sourcing, curating, scouring, subscribing and following magazines, iconic organisations, architects, designers and photographers from across the globe.

We look at colour palettes, texture, shape, pattern and mood. Then we set about naming and defining each trend.

Our process then involves applying filters to each of the trends we have identified. (There are 24 for 2020-2021) We start to understand where they fit in the market. Are they classic or romantic? Masculine or feminine? What attitude do they have? Youthful or mature?

Then we roll up our sleeves and get into the real nitty gritty. Are they commercially viable? What type of brand do they suit? Are they on the way in or the way out? How quickly is the trend moving? Is there time to capitalize on it?

Which Trends are Relevant to me for 2020-2021?

We have all seen great examples of brands that have owned a trend and made it commercially successful. Think West Elm and mid-century furniture, or Ikea and European Contemporary.

A prudent trend choice and investing the time to get your buying, sales and marketing team all on the same page delivers a trend aligned assortment. This investment delivers a more robust platform and provides integration between merchandising, marketing, operations and logistics. Imagine the magic and power of your team all knowing exactly where you were heading for 2020-2021 without getting distracted by some random Instagram influencer!!

A scientific and objective trend choice gives you a chance to own it. This delivers confidence to your consumers and people buy confidence and repetition.

The best way to discover which of the 24 trends is relevant to your brand, is to get in touch with us to discuss a tailored Trend Relevance Workshop.

We use your own consumer data including:

  • geographic location,
  • dollar spend
  • demographics

We work with your business to determine which trends are relevant for your brand values and that best serves your consumer base.

Our 1 day workshop for business owners and their teams looks at home lifestyle trends, social trends and graphic trends. We explore the global influences affecting the trends in the market.

This workshop increases your knowledge in the world of style and trends. It also delivers great insights into boosting your business in smart and sustainable ways.

By the end of the day, you will have a clear direction on how to create new products or adapt existing products into trend-based collections. These collections drive business and profit and can make your brand an industry leader on a global stage.

The challenges of brand and product differentiation and the explosion of trend has led to a perfect storm. This is a storm of confusion and subjectivity. If you need help cutting through the clutter and understanding which trend is both right and profitable for your brand, then we can help.

Our experience across retail, wholesale and manufacturing, brings a valuable perspective and a fresh set of eyes. We help brands identify the trends that are relevant and profitable to them. You only need to take a peek at the powerhouse brands we have worked with to know that our process works.

Our curated trend forecast for 2020-2021 is newly available and the feedback from our iconic retailer clients has been strong. If you want your brand to own one of these trends and deliver on sales and profits, then the time to speak to us is now!

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