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Home & Lifestyle Trends

Take the guess work out of identifying a trend that reflects your brand and customer base. Discover the trends we are forecasting as being commercially viable in the future for home and lifestyle brands. Which one will you own?

2nd Gen Asia

2nd Gen Asia (or 2GA) style adopts the cultural cues from the worlds fastest growing economies. European contemporary design, Japanese clean lines, Singaporean sensibilities & Chinese nuances come together.

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Kooky Kitsch

Eclectic, individual, retro and bold. Late 60’s groovy-ness, 70’s playboy mansions and early 80’s Miami vibes are celebrated in grand gestures. Trip back in time to the hedonistic daze.

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Island Azure 2019

Island Azure is awash with soft blues & dazzling deep oceanic tones. Perfectly teamed with turquoise, natural “woody” textures & pure white.

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Spice Road 2019

Where Desert Craft is about dusty arid landscapes, this trend is about the oasis. Palettes range from vivid to dusty and monochromatic. It’s a “drop of pop” into the desert.

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Island Verde 2019

Continuing the Crusoe theme, the ocean is overtaken by the shoreline. Natural fibres and weaving are key elements of this interior/exterior trend.

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Sun Bleached 2019

An evolution from last year’s Meditative Whites. Based on wellness and yoga resorts with sun bleached wood and natural fabrics. This serene bohemian mood is about relaxation & a desire for honest purity.

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Golden Age 2019

Opulent and Nostalgic, this trend reinforces an obsession with wealth and extravagance. Although some understandably call it New Deco, the golden touch is ever present.

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New Euro 2019

The name says it all: The new European aesthetic. Primarily driven from Spain, Portugal and Italy. With distinct forms and palettes, this playful trend is the toast of the continent.

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American Contemporary 2019

Moving further into the 21st century, contemporary style in American interiors is becoming the norm, particularly in the more progressive states. Sleek lines with a touch of American conservatism. How can a trend such as American Contemporary be grounded yet opulent? It’s […]

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Raw & Simple 2019

Embracing unrefined simplicity, this trend can be surprisingly mature and sophisticated. Wood, concrete and stone are celebrated. Perfect lines and irregular shapes live in harmony.

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Maximalism 2018

Excessive, multi-layered, loud & busy. This opulent trend has been making some noise…but how long will it last?

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Coastal Architect 2018

Architectural, coastal & contemporary…this trend is not to be confused with Hampton’s style which has soft feminine lines & detailing. The Coastal Architect is bold, confident & masculine.

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The Conservatory 2018

“Conservatory Living” or “The Conservatory” trend is reminisce of the British & French Colonialism, Caribbean vibes & stately resorts. Natural materials, modern palettes & personalised touches bring this romantic style into the 21st century.

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Tribal Minimalism 2018

The Tribal trend has been re-invented to a pared back simple palette & even merged with the Scandinavian trend.

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Orient Earth 2018

Inspired by Wabi-sabi, Scandinavian earthiness & artisan craft, this trend is not to be ignored.

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Memphis Sportive 2018

This trend is part nostalgic with 80’s Memphis styling, part sports graphic & part rendering tech from Russia to Spain. It can be stripped back to one colour & shape or turned up to become a multi-layered piece of art.

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The Club 2017

Outlining trend elements. Masculine, classic and mature – this emerging trend is building in intensity.

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Kaleidoscopic Living 2017

This youthful trend continues to deliver results. Knowing how to use it is the key.

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Hollywood Brights 2017

Bold blocks of colour can be very striking and powerful. Come see how the high energy of Hollywood is influencing colour and shape the world over.

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Tribal 2017

The beauty of handmade objects and natural materials create a lifestyle choice that is grounded yet sophisticated.

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Future 2017

Space age design is back but how can it be commercialized? Check out the look and feel of this mood here.

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Sweet Tastes

More than just pastels. These are punchy pastels with candy-like hues. Lead by labels such as Smeg, Sunny Life & more, this trend is going strong.

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W.O.W. Future

White on White lifestyle continues to emerge as a desirable trend globally.

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