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We make sense of home lifestyle trend using a proven science that matches trend to brand to product.

MC&Co. Philosophy


The team at MC&Co are always researching, forecasting and reporting on global trends in the field of interior design. While many others claim to do this, MC&Co stand out from the noise through our tried and tested scientific process. It is a logical and consistent way how we research and report on global trends in the market. And it works.

And this approach to how we work in a creative field is at the core of our philosophy. Being creative and artistic and admiring the aesthetics or our industry is great, but without logical processes and intelligent business decisions, you won’t survive long in this business.

We have a passion for the interior design and lifestyle industry and we have a passion for empowering businesses with our knowledge. We have built our processes through years of experience.

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The Opinion

Our team has an incredible number of years of experience in marketing, branding, product development, and more. We feel our opinion counts, our opinion carries weight and our opinion matters. And this is why we’re sharing our opinion with you.

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