Who is Michael Cleghorn?

January 12, 2018

Michael is the ‘MC’ in MC&Co. and has been in the industry of design and interior fashion for over twenty years. He has held Executive Roles in some well-known retail and merchandising brands, gaining world-class experience and expertise which he brings to a wide range of clients today. But who is he? And why are you only hearing about him now?

As mentioned above, Michael had been working in retail and merchandise management for twenty years, living in the big smoke of Sydney. It is a great city to live in, don’t get him wrong. As they say about New York, Sydney is a city which never sleeps. It is at the centre of so much action, where so many people meet and exchange ideas. But it can get too noisy, too busy.

In 2014 Michael packed up his tent and moved to Byron Bay. It is a much more relaxed pace of life, which is perfect for artistic and creative people, such as Michael and his team. Technology allows them all to still be on the leading edge of furniture and home lifestyle trends worldwide, they are not that far removed from what is going on. But to be able to spend the afternoon at a beach that is not overcrowded certainly is an advantage.

Michael is a visionary. In his experience, he has noticed that the majority of corporate product development is driven by historical data or provided by analysts. These decisions are often Historical (subjective) in nature, rather than entrepreneurial (objective). The difference being, objective decisions are based on the business growth.

Michael works globally. He has key connections with leading retailers, manufacturers and style gurus. And this talent is focused on businesses growing through commercial product leadership. Michael can foresee long-term advantages, not just short-term flash-in-the-pan moments of style.

Coupled with this ability to bring illustrate interior lifestyle trends and fashion for his clients, Michael and his team bring marketing strategies to the table. They break down the intangible feeling of style and fashion, what is trending up, or out, and put a process around it. They have core customer data, which they use to determine which emerging trends are best suited for further product development.

And then Michael brings his Product development and marketing muscle to the table. All the data, the knowledge, the people he knows, helps to build a Product and marketing strategy to ensure his clients are industry leaders and at the threshold of what is new and fashionable, all the while maintaining a balanced and profitable product plan.

The move from the city has certainly reawakened Michael’s passion for what he does. He has created a culture within his business of inclusivity, collaboration, and a focus on each member of the MC&Co team achieving personal and business goals. Each member understands what is needed for the business, but are given the room and flexibility to hit these goals in their own way. This spirit of collaboration is an integral part of the way MC&Co engage with their clients.

His company has had double-digit growth over the last three years, so it is obviously working for them. And it can work for you too.


The passion and dedication Michael has to understanding people and business, to bring out the best, the most creative from people, can be yours as well. Get to know Michael some more. Start the conversation by emailing the group here – hello@mcco.com.au.