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The Project

A sizable Asian trading company with a global reach and over 30 years of experience in homewares and lifestyle products asked MC&Co. for help.

They approached us to help create a new global brand of casual tabletop products, kitchenware and ‘Active Life’ products, all to be manufactured in their key factories in Asia. It was an open brief which required a brand proposition and full development of this brand to realise their global distribution vision.

MC&Co. lead and became a key part of the Bzyoo team. We conceptualised and realised development of over 600 new products for a global audience. We created an engaging social media platform and a full website strategy. MC&Co. planned merchandise booths at major global trade fairs and we managed all global sales enquiries resulting from these fairs.

MC&Co. became brand ambassadors for Bzyoo, and we still are to this day.

The Brand Work

We were trusted to work autonomously to create the Bzyoo brand with a focus on ‘everyday beauty’. We gave Bzyoo a simple yet bold identity and proposition. It disrupts and challenges everything within an understandable style. It is very memorable.

The Product Work

MC&Co. created full product hierarchy templates and assortment plans which reflected the identified factories, their key strengths in production, while also marrying each factory to an aligned and existing retail collection.

We collaborated with artists and designers from around the world, creating enduring shapes and colours for their new products. We mixed tabletop materials in new and exciting ways to create indoor/outdoor assortments which complimented each other beautifully.

MC&Co. created a product and brand story which resulted in sales to over 12 countries in just 18 months, with significant global retailer engagement and commitment.

The Sales Work

As interest grew in what we were doing we added a resource at MC&Co. to develop and deliver global go-to-market strategies. We manage key distributor and customer relationships. This resulted in SIGNIFICANT sales velocity.

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The Opinion

Our team has an incredible number of years of experience in marketing, branding, product development, and more. We feel our opinion counts, our opinion carries weight and our opinion matters. And this is why we’re sharing our opinion with you.

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