Manila Fame

The Project

The Philippines Department of Trade and Industry identified that their major International Trade Fair for home lifestyle products was showing signs of declining popularity and traffic, and more importantly sales. There is a large manufacturing base in the Philippines in this field, and this fair was there to showcase the country’s potential to supply the world. They needed help.

We engaged with the Centre of International Trade Exhibitions and Missions to create and implement a strategy to rebrand the Philippines as a credible place for international buyers to source innovative and world leading products.

Four main industries were identified and these key groups were brought together to align and foster a common purpose for future growth within the global marketplace. These four key industries were; housewares, furniture and jewellery and Christmas products. This highlighted the talents and abilities of both small and large manufacturers in the Philippines.

The Brand Work

We brought together industry leaders from key manufacturing and design sectors, with government officials, for a 4-day workshop. We dissected, disrupted and challenged the historical approaches to “Brand Philippines” which had been around for many years. Together we conceptualised, defined and delivered a modernized brand vision and identity to be used for the Manila Fame trade fair. In conjunction with the Philippines government, we designed new logos, trade fair themes, and new Journeys were created.

The Product Work

We worked with over 40 factories and collaborated with Linda Simpson of Imagination Network USA. More than 6000 products were created to link to 3 key trend displays during the Manila Fame Exhibitions in April and October. This initiative gave internationals buyers trend forecasts that matched the skill of the Philippine manufacturers, and it gave buyers access to the country’s raw materials. It also gave these international buyers a fully realised interpretation of the potential product alignment which was possible from the Philippines.

The Presentation Work

We created, together with Linda three 600 square metre displays for each of the trade fairs. Each display was close to 6000 products and presented a full retail environment for buyers to experience.

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The Opinion

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